This all started on the side of the road, yard-sale style, in a small beach town in New Jersey. It's all rooted in a simple concept: Live simple, do as much good as you can along the way, and if you believe in something, listen to your heart, listen to the universe, and make an impact.


Our Mission

Mission Statement


The opposite of negativity, of war, of fear, of ego, of hate. Peace is the product of positivity, of fearlessness, of humbleness, of love..
This is what we stand for in our daily lives - in a warrior fashion. The ocean has tamed the ego of many, has calmed the hearts of all, and has challenged the fearlessness of many warriors.

Peace of Wood was built from our own love, respect, and also hard lessons we've learned from the ocean.These lessons have motivated us to create less a product to sell and more of a way of life to give.

True art comes from within. The connection begins when a person's soul is put into a piece of art and then another person's soul connects with the piece. Whether it be a painting on aged oak wood, a shaper shaping a board for another person's journey in the ocean, or a skate deck designed to make war with the concrete and other barriers it may confront.

These are our simple goals,
along with building the younger warriors up with out-of-the-box creative thinking and after school programs that build confidence and school productivity.

We offer not a product but a way of life; the true ebb and flow of the ocean. Our Brand Ambassadors live by this concept. From the ocean comes power, comes storms, comes the essence of life.

After all this comes Peace.

-Peace of Wood-


Kristina & Marshall Young - Founders